Nothing looks as good as Healthy feels.

‘Nothing tastes as good and skinny feels’ –Kate Moss
…Girl has never tried chocolate brownie sundaes then… What is this crap? Well consider the source…
Kate Moss has a history of drug use and disordered eating behaviors, much like most super models. The women that are looked at as role models. The women who are looked at as society’s definition of beauty. The women that the media created to represent how women should look, act, and feel. Have you ever noticed these actions in the way models are portrayed? They look unattainably thin and sick. They act meek, timid, & power-less. They appear to feel blank, disassociated, small, and weak. You can see the subconscious messages images provide if you just pay attention.

Now, like I said while we were getting THUNDAstruck last time, we like to think that we aren’t affected by these messages…but are we? Let me run some stuff by you, stuff you probably haven’t thought of before. Let’s venture into a very miniscule part of the culture of women:
The “Thinspiration”
I have been engaging in some hard core research for my thesis topic, and you’re about to get some legit knowledge dropped on your head. My Master’s thesis topic is about how the objectification of women in the media influences body image, body shame, self-presentation, appearance-modification, self-objectification, and its role on exercise participation. SO, that being said, my interests lie within the fake motivation we are convinced will make our bodies change to ensure satisfaction. Pretty much: ‘When I do this and that to get those, then I’ll be happy with myself.’ Where does that root from? The seed planted in your head by the media who may as well be Johnny freakin’ Appleseed.

The media portrays this unattainable image that even models have to starve themselves to obtain. We, as a society, acknowledge the fact that replicating an image like that is going to take some drastic measures. A study I read called Physique Attitudes and Self-Presentational Concerns , interviewed women about their ideal bodies and one person acknowledged that her body shape and size was not totally under her control (contrary to how most feel), but the only way to pursue her ideal was resulting to anorexia…

…like anorexia is a choice. ‘Oh, I can just go anorexic if I want to get to that weight.’ ‘Oh yea…she just all of a sudden decided to go all anorexic.’ Like it’s a CHOICE?! Yea…that child chose to go all Autistic. That soldier decided to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… It’s heartbreaking how common the assumption that eating disorders are a choice is. Knock off the ignorance, people.

Anyway, eating disorders and the way we see our bodies are reflected from the media as well as our experiences throughout our lives. The biggest contributor, though, is the media! True health is not even in the limelight…the way it should be!! Everyone wants to be ‘Thinspired’ instead of Inspired to be as healthy as we can be! Thank you media for screwing us up..

Now, apparently, the ‘beauty’ criteria has been altered. Here I’m thinking: ‘Maybe someone woke up and is promoting natural, health!’ Nope. Now, being considered ‘Plus Size’ is being a size 6. A SIZE 6!!!! (we don’t care about sizes though, remember? Size AWW HELL NO!!) A friend of mine did a documentary about this repulsive news. Check it out:

So how do we fix this?

How healthy feels

Start with you. ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world!’ – Gandhi. Start respecting your body enough to give it what it deserves. It needs physical activity that is right for them…not excessive exercise in aspiration to make it something it isn’t! It needs nutritious food…not crash diets, malnutrition, starvation, or purging. (Purges can be vomiting, excessive exercise, laxatives, starvation…all to relieve guilt). It needs water, water, WATER. It needs sleep! It needs love. Show your body love. Don’t let the media tell you when you can love it. Love it right now.

Nothing looks as good as Healthy feels.

Stay Be-YOU-tiful.

13 thoughts on “Nothing looks as good as Healthy feels.

  1. Great post and interesting thesis topic. I was talking to my mum who’s 91 and she reckons when she was young, nobody cared much about your body, within limits, I guess because firstly it was mostly covered up,and secondly whatever public imagery and discussion of ‘beauty’ happened then, tended to focus on your face and the bits that stuck out from under your knee length skirt and high-cut collar. There was no discussion of thigh flab, cellulite, boob size, or labia fat. The focus on ‘beauty’ is beyond absurd.

    • Haha! You are funny! Thanks for the read! I wish we could harness that idea again. We don’t have to back track all the way, but just not be obsessive and even compulsive about vanity and ‘beauty’…it’s toxic! If we channeled that energy elsewhere.. I think the world would be less angry!

  2. Wow great post. This is something that we really need to be talking about. The media has portrayed women as objects and thanks to photoshop the models look thinner and more perfect than ever.

    Btw have you seen Killing us slowly by Jean Kilbourne? It really was an eye-opener for me

    • Thank you for reading! I’ll have more about that topic coming soon…trust me ;)

      Jean Kilbourne is amazing!! I LOVED her video…Inspired me. Incredible!

    • Don’t you worry your pretty head! I will be including as much of my research as possible in my blogs…and once its done I’ll post it for the world to see! So stay tuned…Thanks for reading!!

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